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How to search by Address: To search for a property by a specific address enter the address number in the House No: box and the street location in the Street: box. When typing in the street name abbreviate using the following list:

Road = Rd
Street = St
Lane = Ln
Court = Ct
Highway = Hwy
Boulevard = Blvd
Place = Pl
Turnpike = Tpke

If you are having problems locating a specific address, try searching without the House No: or by typing in the first few letters of the street. Ex: A search for the street “West” will return “West Dr” or “Westchester Dr”.


How to search by Name: To search for a property by a specific owner’s name enter the owner’s last name first, followed by a space, then their first name in the Name: box. Do not use a comma to separate the last and first name.

If you are having problems locating a specific owner’s name, try searching for the last name only.


How to search by Map-Block-Lot: To search for a property its Map-Block-Lot enter the Map Block Lot into the MBL: box. Enter the Map Block Lot with the proper separators.

Ex. If your Map number is 54, and your Block is 2030, and your Lot is 10, enter the MBL as “54-2030-10”.


How to Preview a Map: To Preview a Map in the Town Wide Map Gallery click on the sample image underneath the “Quick View” column. This preview will open as an image in a separate web page.


How to Save a Map PDF: To view the full size PDF of a map click on the PDF File text or the PDF image to the right of the desired map. This will open as a PDF in the web browser.

Saving: After opening the Map PDF in the web browser, you can save it to your computer by clicking the “Save a Copy” button on the top right section of the browser. You can also click “File” and “Save” from the web browser to save a copy of the PDF.

Printing: After opening the Map PDF in the web browser, you can print it by clicking on the “Print” button on the top left section of the browser or by going to “File” and “Print” in the open web browser.

Download: If you need to download Adobe Reader please go to:


Creating a Parcel Map: Clicking on the “Create Parcel Map” button will open a detailed map PDF displaying the selected Parcel with it’s MBL and Address labeled at the top of the screen. To Save or Print this PDF follow the instructions at the following link: PDF Help


Property Summary Card: Clicking on the “Property Summary Card” button will open a PDF displaying all of the selected parcel’s Assessor Database information. To Save or Print this PDF follow the instructions at the following link: PDF Help


Mailing List – PDF: Clicking on the “Mailing List – PDF” button will open a PDF displaying all of the abutters of the selected parcel in label format. To Save or Print this PDF follow the instructions at the following link: PDF Help


Export List – EXCEL: Clicking on the “Export List – EXCEL” button will prompt you to either Open or Save the excel document on your computer. This spreadsheet requires Microsoft Excel to be opened.


MAP Abutters: Clicking on the “MAP Abutters” button will open a aerial photograph in a separate web browser displaying point locations of all the Abutters within 100ft of the selected parcel.


GIS Property Map Search: This webpage is used to locate information about a specific property. It can be found using one of three search methods: Address, Owner’s Name, or Map-Block-Lot. Once you conduct a search and select the parcel you are looking for, you will be brought to a detail page listing the Assessor information and additional options. As you scroll down the page you will find buttons to Create Parcel Maps, get a Property Summary Card, and buttons that will link you to several other map PDFs. For example, you may find 100 Scale Assessor Maps that the selected parcel is located on or historic scanned maps, such as, Topo Maps or old Tax Maps.

At the bottom of the page there is a section for Abutter information. You can obtain a mailing list, or export and excel document that contains all of the abutters within the specified distance.


Town Wide Map Gallery: This webpage contains several map PDFs you can view or save to your computer. There is a table listing the Map Name with a corresponding preview image directly to its right. You can click on the “Quick View” image to preview the map or click on the PDF to print or save the map to your computer.


Town Grid Maps: This webpage allows you to view maps for specific areas of Town. It is indexed by the Assessor Tax Map Grid and by clicking on the desired grid it will link you to a page with more map options. Once you have clicked on the desired grid a webpage will open with buttons linking you to a PDF Map. For Example, you may find buttons that say “100 Scale Assessor Map (34 x 36)” or “200 Scale Assessor Map (24 x 18)”. Once you have clicked the desired button you can save or print the Map PDF. To Save or Print this PDF follow the instructions at the following link: PDF Help


Interactive Mapping: ArcIMS Help - Geographic Information Systems:

How to use ArcIMS
The ArcIMS web page will load up at the full extent with the Base Files (Parcels, Roads, and Water) Visible.

Turning Layers on and off
A layer can be turned on/off by checking the box next to each layer under the “Visible” Layer column. After you turn all the layers on that you want click “Refresh Map” button at the bottom of the table of contents.

Zooming in/out
Select the magnifying glass with the or and click on the part of the map you want to zoom to or from. To return to the default full extent, click the button.

Note: some of the layers and labels will only show up if you are zoomed in to a specific level. For instance, if you have turned the Storm Points layer on and can’t see them simply zoom in more and they should become visible. The same is true for labels of buildings, parking lots, and point number labels.

You can pan by selecting the tool and drag it across the map OR by clicking the

Viewing attributes for an object
In order to view an objects attributes, turn it on as the “Active” Layer and click on the button or the or buttons and click on the map object you want to see.

For instance if you wanted to see the information associated with a storm catch basin you would zoom in until the storm points are visible. Next make sure that Storm Points are selected as the “Active Layer” click on the type of selection button you want and click on the point(s) whose information you want to see. The attribute information will be displayed below the map.

Viewing the legend
You can toggle back and forth between seeing a legend and the Visible/Active Layers Table of Contents by clicking on the button. You can also turn off the over all view in the upper left of the map by clicking on the button directly next to the legend button.

Print Map
To print select the button.


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